Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hemp and lime plaster with leaves

Here are some photos forwarded from that talented sculptor Neil. He has added various leaves and bracken to his hemp and lime mix. Hope to be linking to his blog soon!


Pili pala said...

Hello there. We are currently renovating a farmhouse in the french Pyrenees. We have stripped the walls of all the lovely cement and are now at the stage of wanting to clothe the walls. The electrician has finished the first fix, so were eager to get going. Where did you buy your hemp, what kind of lime, so many questions.
I love your blog, by the way very inspiring

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. There should be plenty of info here, but get in contact directly if you like phoebeob at G mail dot com.
You should be able to get things pretty easily in France. Check out St Astier's site, chaux et Chanvre is french for lime and hemp if that helps, or google batichanvre. Also see Helene Vidal's site, she's near Pezanas.