Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lime burns

Ouch! This happens to the best of us and they a usually more sore than you'd expect from their size. I had one last week which was like a tiny blister that is slow to heal. To avoid lime burns: wear gloves at all times, and keep your tools clean so they won't snag you gloves. My tip is to put on some vaseline half an hour before I work so that it absorbs into the skin. I don't like that dry feeling after a day's work. If however you find a piece of sand has been rubbing away in side your glove, and a little tear has happened wash your hand really well. Josh swears by a vinegar water rinse. I take some homeopathic hypericum and leave the blister open to the air. It should be gone in a few days. If you are reading this because you just spent all day working with lime with no gloves on and your skin looks red, go to hospital before it all starts coming off! However I've only ever seen that with cement, which is just as alkali. Likewise if its quick lime you just got covered in, oh my goodness you must be crazy!!! When you mix wear a mask and goggles. I find the powder builders lime can give me a sore nose. Washing out lime from the eyes be careful not to scrub around too much. The sand particles could cause more damage that way. It makes you wonder how the Romans managed!


Paul said...

hey Phoebe,

Down here in Oz (Australia) we are building with hemp in a slightly different way. We are not using decorticated or processed hemp - just plain stalk. This way we can promote 'growing your own home', less transport - more local etc.

You can read more at http://www.thehempbuilder.com

Appreciate your comments/links

Building Life Consultancy said...

I've used a lemon juice/water mix to wash my hands after working with hemp lime. It's probably about the same as the vinegar mix for effectiveness, it just smells a bit nicer.

Thanks for all the great info!