Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cost of Hemp bales in Ireland

If you are about to mix your own hemp and lime plaster, you'll want to know how much hemp hurds cost. Things change depending on availability, and type of hemp you are choosing to use. Usually the transport is the most significant cost, since no one is producing hemp here on a large scale as far as I know. Hemp is fairly bulky so the cheapest way to buy is to buy from those who are importing large quantities on a regular basis. My advice is to order well in advance so that suppliers have an idea of quantities to get in each harvest. Each bale should be in the region of 12 euros. I also advise over ordering, there's always someone who has run out and needs an extra bag. Any spare is useful in the garden as a slug suppressing mulch (much cheaper than slug pellets), or use it as animal bedding!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe

I am looking for bales of hemp. Do you know of any supplies around Dublin?